Seminal Dance Off

Seminal Dance Off

Seminal Dance Off is a semi-irregular short and sweet dancing event held in unusual locations across Alice Springs.

Dance to a seminal album from start to finish! No spectators! Random locations! Go!

seminal. adjective. (of a work, event, moment, or figure) Strongly influencing later developments; containing seeds of later development; “seminal ideas of one discipline can influence the growth of another”

Rules are:
1. The album plays from start to finish; no skipping any tracks.
2. The album is a surprise: the host picks the album and hopefully it is SEMINAL to more people than just them and everyone airpunches when they realise what it is and then proceeds to dance their asses off
3. There is no watching: everyone has to dance!!
4. The host can pick the place and time for the dance off – it only has to go for the length of the album and can be daytime/midweek/whenever
5. The next host puts their hand up at the end of the event and has to promote the next SEMINAL ALBUM DANCE OFF!
6. From now on – no compilations. Only proper albums in their entirety – because we like awkward slow dances!

There will be a 10 minute warm up before the dance off.

Please be on time or you will miss the whole album!

Seminal Dance Off on facebook.

Image: Todd Mall, Alice Springs Cyndi Lauper Seminal Dance Off, Oliver Eclipse

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