Malice Springs Roller Derby League

In early 2010 Bethwish, Axle Sparx, JuJu EyeBalls, LA Lawless and Boyfriend Material started skating around car parks in crappy old rental skates salvaged from the tip shop and opshops around town (these were from the original Alice skate rink which used to be in the Big O Mitre 10!) and talking about starting a roller derby league.

LA Lawless was involved in the early days of VRDL as a Toxic Avenger and Axle Sparx trained with the Canberra Roller Derby League when she was down south for a stint.

With drills learned from other leagues and a whole lot of internet video watching and online derby drills pages the league slowly built a training plan to guide the skaters from fresh meat (new skaters) to white, yellow and orange stars.

Malice Springs Roller Derby League, Alice Springs NT


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