Churchill Fellowship

Churchill Fellowship


I was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship in 2012. The aim of the Trust is to provide an opportunity for Australians to travel overseas to conduct research in their chosen field that is not readily available in Australia.

  • I produced an 11k word report on the trip which can be downloaded as a PDF here (790kb).

I had been tracking the emergence of social change film outreach and engagement for the past five years since meeting Sandi DuBowski at the Crossover lab in 2009 and  the late Robert West from Working Films at the Global Social Change Film Festival in 2011. This emerging “impact space” is the closest thing to the work of Big hART that I’ve been able to find anywhere so I was thrilled to have the chance to explore it more deeply.

My research topic and area of interest was; “Social change documentary films impact, outreach and engagement campaigns

I blogged extensively here on about my observations as I travelled, the films I watched and the great conversations I engaged in.

Huge thanks to everyone who was generous enough to share their time and wisdom with me and to the Churchill Trust for making it possible.



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