Me-Mandook Galk – Land for Nalderun crowdfund

Mamunya – the Friends of Nalderun – are launching a crowdfunding campaign to purchase culturally significant land back for the Nalderun Aboriginal community of Castlemaine, and to protect Me-Mandook Galk – (which translates conceptually as) the beautiful grandmother tree.d

My people’s lives were dramatically interrupted at the time at the time of European settlement. It is now time to reconnect to this land.  For the Aboriginal community to repurpose this land .. for Culture and to reconnect to Country is a small ask. A small ask would give future generations purpose and a way to connect to their Culture and to reconnect to mother earth to din din to this, this land. Your contribution could have huge impacts in this change. – Uncle Rick Nelson

You can read more about the incredible work of Nalderun here and support the crowdfunding campaign

We encourage you to give generously – this is a truly remarkable opportunity to ensure Aboriginal Land is in Aboriginal hands and we believe it will be a powerful step for this community.

Nalderun needs to raise $150,000 to purchase the site – please dig deep and help spread the work.

Please spread the word – you can share posts from instagram and facebook – whatever you can do to share the campaign far and wide would be amazing!

Please click here to donate.

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