Guestroom Interview – ABC Radio

She first came to the Territory protesting against the Jabiluka mine.

Alex then travelled all over the world, making documentaries, screening films, hanging with the Bolivian President (!) and working for social justice organisations in the Netherlands, Spain and Morocco.

Coming back to Australia, Alex moved to Coober Pedy, and then the project of a lifetime drew her to Alice Springs.

That project was Ngapartji, Ngapartji, a groundbreaking theatre, arts and media production which told stories of nuclear testing at Maralinga and taught audiences to speak some Pitjantjatjara.

Ngapartji, Ngapartji has been performed all over Australia: from the Sydney Opera House to Ernabella, the community where it all began.

Alex is also a fixture on the Centralian roller derby scene – Malice Springs. She goes by the name Axel Sparks…

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