The Things We MADE Next

The Things We Made Next re-frames our Dispatches from the Future in an exhibition of newly imagined design works.
How can designers orient their practice towards care and community? How do they work when the traditional designer-client relationship is disrupted? Can they democratise their practice and practice interconnectedness?

In 2020, 250 future-building participants came together with 40 artists, thinkers, provocateurs and cultural operators for Assembly for the Future to envision, describe and explore the year 2029. Those gathered entered one of three parallel futures and generated the stories of the watershed moments that led to more than 50 Dispatches from the Future.

The Things We Made Next is five commissioned works from established and emerging designers; each responding to one of these multi-artform Dispatches. The collection connects the social and the political and simultaneously questions conventional modes of practice, whilst embedding designers in collective visions from the future.

The collection will premiere on the streets and online for Melbourne Design Week 2021.

Designers for the Future:

Alison Page
Damien Wright
Ella Cutler
Su san Cohn
Tessa Zettel

Curated by Elliat Rich, David Pledger & Alex Kelly
Produced by Sophia Marinos

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