Reset Reading Group

Ideas for a Just Future

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted business as usual in ways that are still unfolding and we are still coming to understand. This disruption opens up different possible futures: in one direction deepening inequality, injustice and climate impacts, in the other the chance to recover from this crisis and build worlds based on social and ecological justice.

Everything is being Reset… How things unfold from here is up to us. This reading group is a chance to take the time to develop shared ideas and visions for a just future, together.

The program of readings, films and podcasts will draw on philosophers, political theorists, educators, agitators and artists as well as the collective wisdom of participants. The focus of the discussion will be how we can build a better world, and what that better world will look like. We’ll move from an analysis of the crises to shared vision, language and tools for transformation.

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