The Things We Did Next

The Things We Did Next is a collaborative practice that generates a series of interconnected artworks and projects based on collectively imagining multiple futures.

A multi-platform exploration of futures to come in the era of climates changed and changing, The Things We Did Next (TTWDNext) transports collaborators, participants + audiences to 2029 when significant impacts on planetary health are a daily reality, alongside powerful upheavals of our cultural, political and energy systems.

This speculative futures collaboration is a culture-led response to the global issues of our time; climate disruption, social inequity + challenges posed by zoonotic diseases transmitted on a pandemic scale.

The displacement of habitat through extractive capitalism, the rise of extremism, fascism + racism, the displacement of millions of people + the erosion of the welfare state can make the future feel bleak.

The Things We Did Next aspires to collectively generate antidotes to this bleakness through the practice of futuring, enabling new discussions around hope, adjustment and possibility.

We are in urgent need of bold, positive and transformative visions.

Our aim is to create them together.

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