Pay the Rent

Feature documentary in development.

White men . . . claimed that they had “found” a “new” country – Australia. This country was not new, it was already in possession of and inhabited by millions of blacks, who, while unarmed, excepting spears and boomerangs, nevertheless owned the country as their God given heritage . . How much compensation have we had? How much of our land has been paid for? Not one iota. Again we state that we are the original owners of the country. In spite of force, prestige, or anything else you like, morally the land is ours. - William Cooper 1938

The wealth derived not only from the value of the land but the use of the land for industry and mining, the export of minerals and the use of slave labour, has all been without recompense. – Natalie Cromb

The way we acknowledge our history has the power to make or unmake the nation – Mark McKenna

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